Reading and Listening to John Donne

Reading Aloud Exercise

Listen for and jot down what you think the “conceit” or extended analogy of things being compared with no clear connection might very well be.

Let’s practice by listening to “The Flea” and talking about what might be the TWO things that don’t naturally appear connected that are being compared to one another, being seen as “alike”.

Listen to Readings: Students will be called upon to read aloud, others will be asked to listen and jot down impressions and what they think, if there is one, is the “conceit” of the poem

 The Undertaking

Air and Angels

The Funeral

Elegy 16

Elegy 19

For each jot down what you think are the things being compared to each other, be prepared to share.

Listen to Recording and Listen for the Meaning Behind

Listen to Orson Welles read John Donne’s “Mediation 17” and be prepared to share your thoughts and impressions of the poem.

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