Paradise Lost – Group Reading Assignments

You will want to use the post, Long Way Down… as a primer for your reading of your assigned book in that it provides a general summary of the whole work. Each book is preceded by an Argument that also helps set up what is going on.

Things to gather and look for to share when we talk about your book:

  1. Summary of Events/Plot points

  2. Major characters

  3. Notable quotations (at least 2-3)

  4. What you feel are strong themes operating in that book

ENGL 1302.24316


ENGL 1302.24326


ENGL 1302.24353


Our textbook does not have a full exert of BOOK 7 for us to look at. For the Group assigned to look at it and Book 1, I have provided an hyperlink to access BOOK 7 HERE for discussion on Thursday, 3/2

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