Tackling Paradise Lost

Here is what and how we are going to be talking about and dealing with Paradise Lost over the next few days:

  • When we meet, after roll, I want you to get together with your group (other classmates) who are reading the same books from Paradise Lost

  • Discuss the material you were supposed to be looking for as you read each book:

  1. Summary of Events/Plot points

  2. Major characters

  3. Notable quotations (at least 2-3)

  4. What you feel are strong themes operating in that book

  • Designate a member or members of the group to share this information with the class

  • While a group is presenting, others should be taking notes on their findings

  • Using the notes from that groups sharing of information, you will RESPOND to a Twitter posting I have made for EACH Book of Milton’s Paradise Lost we are covering that day

  • We will repeat the process as illustrated below in instructional form


From these postings I will take the “best” ones and make them part of the UNIT 4 Section of the blog for you to use on Thursday as part of the UNIT 4 REVIEW

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