Project 1: Careers in English

Careers in English Assignment

Project 1

For this project you will conduct research on a career one can pursue with a degree in English (skills gained from pursuing an English degree). You will tell us the name of the career, the required education level desired, the range of salary/compensation, a basic summary of the career, the benefits found in that career, and the challenges found in that career as well.

You should look to locate and cite from a minimum of 3 sources.

The second page has a template for you to use, including subheadings of information you will need to find. Anything found highlighted should be replaced with your own words.


Rough Draft – Sunday, Sept. 8 by 11:59 PM via Moodle

Final Draft – Sunday, Sept. 15 by 11:59 PM via Moodle

FILE: Careers in English TEMPLATE