Project 2: Faculty Who? Assignment

DUE Date:

Rough Draft – Friday, Oct. 4, 2019.

Final Draft – Monday, Oct. 7, 2019.

Direction: You need to arrange an interview with THREE different faculty members in the English Department at Claflin University.

You need to set up your interview by sending a professional email to that faculty member (you need to copy, cc, me in that email) requesting a time to meet and conduct your interview.

Try to arrange your interview during the faculty members office hours or at their convienence.

You will type up their responses in double-spaced paper, paragraph form. This should allow you to create 3-4 paragraphs per faculty member each and ultimately a 2-4 page paper typed.

Faculty Interview Questionnaire:

  1. Where did you attend graduate school, both for your master’s and/or doctoral degree?
  2. What is your degree cognate? What area did they specialize in their graduate degree? Ex. PhD in English, cognate/focus in Late Renaissance Literature.
  3. Why did you choose this institution(s) to pursue an advanced/graduate degree(s)?
  4. What was/is the focus of your thesis/dissertation?
  5. Why or how did you arrive at the topic you focused on for your thesis/dissertation?
  6. Did you know what you were going to be a college professor?
  7. What is your research areas of interest?
  8. Have you ever taught in public schools – secondary, elementary, middle, etc.?
  9. How many collegiate institutions have you been employed at?
  10. Have you ever successfully assisted an undergraduate student (current or former) or colleague in the admissions process into a program that you have completed?
  11. Are you published?