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Name: Dr. Jonathan Evans

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Office Hours: MTWRF by Appointment (online)

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Guide to emailing college instructors:

  • Double-check the email address for your instructor.
  • Use the email address issued by your school—and check that address daily!
  • Include a descriptive subject line that identifies your class and section as well as the subject of the message.
  • Use a polite salutation that refers to the professor by his or her preferred title. Example: Dear Professor LastName
  • Identify yourself clearly in the email—professors have many students (often many by the same first name) and do not have time to sift through rosters to figure out your last name or your course and section.
  • Keep the message short, direct, and polite. If your concern requires a long conversation, consider requesting an appointment to speak in person.
  • Proofread your message before sending it. Use Standard English, not abbreviations or irregular punctuation that you might use when texting or emailing friends.
  • If you have attached a file, explain what the file is and why you have sent it. Do not send a file with no message in the body of the email.
  • Include a polite closing and your full name. Example: Sincerely, XXXXX
  • Be aware of the instructor’s course policies on submitting work electronically, making up work, or sending drafts of essays. Do not wait until it is too late and then request help or exceptions to the policies.
  • Do not ask, “Did I miss anything?” in an email regarding an absence. Assume you missed a lot and ask what you need to know. 
  • If you are upset about a grade, wait 24 hours or more before emailing. Being upset can make matters worse. 
  • Have reasonable expectations of your instructor’s response time. Allow a full business day and/or more time on a weekend for response. That is, do not expect a quick response to an email sent at 6 p.m. or worse, 1 a.m. 




Subject: English 102-S04 Essay 1

Dear Professor XYZ,

After working on my essay this afternoon, I am struggling with writing my conclusion for Essay 1. May I come by your office on Wednesday afternoon to discuss my draft? 

Thank you,

English 1300-S04